Selling Your Book Reports

Selling Your Book Reports

Writing a book report is something most of us have done at point or another. Few, however, have tried selling their book reports.

The author behind the pen name OneSitting Reads is one of those few people. He (or she) has written a short summary of the book Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian. The summary is a mere 25 pages long (roughly 10000 words) and written in a very basic English yet people are interested in it and buys it at $5.99.

Our estimate is that OneSitting Reads sells on the order of 65 copies of his/her summary each day. At a standard 70% self-publish royalty rate this equal a daily net of $273 and a yearly income of just shy of $100,000. Not bad for a single book report.

Find the summary by OneSitting Reads here and find more books like it by searching our weekly lists and sorting by page count.

Update: The book by OneSitting Reads has been pulled from the store. Other examples of this type of book can be found here, here and here.